Wildcat Alliance


Meet the feline federation of the cryptoverse, "The Wildcat Alliance," an innovative #Listen2Earn Twitter Space Raider Multichain collective, reinforced by blockchain validators. We mark our territories on SOL, BTC, LTC, and DOGE blockchains, prowling the digital landscape with a feline finesse.
Each blockchain in our multichain realm is presided over by its distinctive Wildcat representative, forming a purrfectly harmonized Master Cluster. This clowder of wildcats isn't merely a group but a revolutionary concept, embodying the principle of unity across diverse blockchains through the power of validators and community education.

How do I become a Wildcat?

In order to become a full-fledged Wildcat, there are a few steps you will need to take. Follow these instructions to ensure you are properly able to participate in our platform.

Step 1️⃣: Own a PFP NFT

Lions on Litecoin Minting Now - Wallet​

Lady Lynx on Litecoin White List Sign Up - Wallet​

Tigers on Magic Eden Marketplace with SOL - Wallet​

Ligers on Magic Eden Marketplace with BTC - Wallet​

Step 2️⃣: Join our Twitter Community for Spaces to Raid

Step 3️⃣: Join our Discord Server and Verify as a Holder

Choose the correct Emoji to get through the front door
#holder-verify chat in Discord, Solmate for Tigers, Bitcheck for Ligers

Step 4️⃣: Join our Zealy Questboard to complete orientation

Listen to Earn / Engage to Win - X Space Raiders

Introducing a refreshed approach to our Space Raiders community with the new 'Engage to Win' model, complementing the original 'Listen to Earn' utility in Twitter Spaces. In this innovative system, participants holding 'Wildcats' NFTs, and showcasing them as their Twitter profile pictures, unlock the potential to earn exclusive rewards.
The key to success in this community is active and meaningful engagement. Members must interact with both official and community member posts on Twitter, demonstrating a high level of involvement and contribution. This engagement is more than just being present; it requires participants to contribute significantly to discussions and activities.


Each month, Ten of the most outstanding participants, who go above and beyond in their engagement and promotion efforts, are rewarded with exclusive NFT drops. These rewards acknowledge their exceptional commitment to the community, encouraging a culture of active participation and collaboration.
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