Wildcat Alliance

Twitter Community

Firstly, let's define what a Twitter community is. A Twitter community is a common interest group that is moderated by admins. It has a posting wall where people of groups can discuss common interests. Most people do not know this feature of Twitter exists yet alone utilizes it like we do.
Please be sure to read the rules of the Community

Wildcat Alliance Community

​https://twitter.com/i/communities/1611421499994345474 In the case of the Wildcat Alliance NFT Collection, our Twitter community serves as a hub for our "Listen to Earn" platform on Twitter Spaces. Our platform allows users to earn XP (experience points) by engaging in listening to our speakers with our NFT PFP (profile picture) on. The more XP you earn, the greater your chances are of receiving rewards from the validators.
By joining our Twitter community, users gain access to community GM posts and can coordinate with other members to participate in Twitter Spaces where they can earn XP. This community is a crucial element of our collection's functionality and is necessary for users to participate in earning rewards from the validators. We will be doing random airdrops to members who are most active in the Twitter Community.