Crafted by the same talented artist who brought the Lazy Lions to life!
The Wildcat Alliance is a new and exciting NFT project that features art created by the magnificently talented Debra of DB Designs.


Debra is a world-renowned NFT artist who gained fame from her work on the Lazy Lions NFT Project. Her art has been displayed in prestigious locations such as Times Square, and she has a unique collection of 1 of 1 fine art pieces that are inspired by climate change and the empowerment of women. These pieces are a reflection of Debra's deep concern for the environment and her commitment to promoting gender equality.


Her art has a loyal following in the NFT market. The Lazy Lion's project holds a high rank, 199th on ETH, with a total volume of almost $100 million and to this day still holds a floor of $500.
We aim to build on the success of the Lazy Lions NFT and create a community of wildcat lovers who can come together to appreciate and collect digital art pieces from their favorite artist. The project will feature a variety of different wildcat species, including lions, tigers, panthers, lynxes, and cheetahs. It will offer an exciting new opportunity for collectors to own a piece of digital art that captures the beauty and power of these magnificent animals combined with unique meta-personification.


If you like Lazy Lion's Art you will love our NFTs. Not only because they are the same artist, but we gave Debra more freedom to represent her talent in the way she wanted. Lots of traits, styles, and colors all were chosen by her with an emphasis on a more stylized finish.


Cosmos, Diamond, Fire, Gold, Alien, White, Black, Ice, Robot, Glitch, Ghost


Cyberglasses, 3D Glasses, Demon Eyes, Alien Eyes, Blue Eyes, and many more...


Smile, Gold Grillz, Snarl, Tounge, Bubble Gum, and many more...


Gold Armor, Platinum Armor, Diamond Armor, Roman Breastplate, Robin Hood Armor, NASA Space Suit, Matric Coat, Banker Suit, and many more...


Mowhawk, Swag Hats, Racing Helmet, NASA Helmet, Tin Foil Hat, Hacker Fedora, Samurai Helmet, Civic Crown, Odin Helmet, King Crown, a Traditional Captain's Hat, and many more...


Diamond Earrings, WFC Belt, Lion King's Chain, Cyborg Ears, Olympian Medal, Gauged Ear, and many more...


The truly amazing backgrounds Debra produced for our collection are breathe taking on their own and deserve recognition separately from her PFP talent. Cosmos, Pyrimids, Rome, Cyberpunk, Castle, Beach, Dark Forest, Asguard, and many more...


Virtual Art Gallery Sneak Peek of the Art